How many parrots in Andriyivskyy descent

Andriyivskyy descent is a special street. It needs to be measured in a special way. During the festival "Street Games, Street of Games" (2010), I measured the length of Andriyivsky descent in his native "parrots" - paintings. Many "birds" have already died, and in memory of the bygone dawn of Andriyivsky , we will leave white rectangular contours of paintings on its paving stones.

The standard of the "parrot" was a white square of about 500x500 mm found on Andriyivskyy descent near Bulgakov's house.

 - You are uglifying Andriyivskyy, it is a sacrilege, nothing could be worse. We will call the police now. Do you think our paintings are shit? Do you? Get out of here, - local paintings traders were boiling.

- What's the matter with you? This is art, he measures Andriyivskyy in parrots, get out of here yourself, – said a girl passing nearby.

- Where did you get the weed? – asked someone else.

- Will it wash off? After all, it looks like a markup, someone can park for example.

- Oh, I will make a wish and walk along this staircase, – a woman said and ran forward jumping around squares.

- Where does this staircase lead to?

- Oh, it is a hopscotch.

- What are you doing? After knowing the performance's idea, a woman began to answer the questions of passers-by, explaining ardently that this is Kunst.

- Aren't you a Banksy by any chance?

- What are you doing? Performance "How many parrots in Andriyivskyy descent"? Respect, brother - said from a big black jeep a bold driver with Moscow pronounce.

- Am I bothering you? -No. Thank you, - said a driver of the simpler car

- What are you doing? How will I wash it off later? - two drunk guys in leather jackets appeared. – What is the paint here, f*ck? If it's a watercolor then okay, - one took an interest.

– Vasya, let's go. You see it is liquid means watercolor, - a friend reassured his comrade, and they left promising to return.

- I hate you - said a smiling guy. – When we were going down, this guy promised to crawl up this "ladder" on the way up, and now he has much more "steps" - a girl explained.

- It looks so beautiful, surrealistic: night, Andriyivskyy, white glade and a man in a white suit.

Gratitude for the photos to Andriy