Shave me

Hypothesis: others give more importance to one's exterior than he do.

I stood with poster "Shave me" near central subway station exit. People paid attention and asked what is this. One guy told his friend did similar in Jerusalem. I asked if it was successful and man answered yes.

When poster was on my back, each second person turned to see quickly my face and smiled. More elder person was less reaction was. Youngsters recommended to put poster on back and front - "it's unclear what to shave on a back".

First "cut" was done by my friend occasionally passing here. His work continued a girl teenager from queue to McDonalds.

I decided to go to the Center of contemporary art where on that evening discussion "What is performace? ... and what is performativity?" was held.

In the subway anyone told anything, but many people were smiling

On the exit from subway a girl teared poster away and gave it to me: "Look that someone put on you". I thanked to her and put it back.

On the discussion I sat with poster on my back. It seemed no one see it. In the middle of the event a neighbor guy asked "is it seriously possible to shave you?". He took scissors and started to cut my beard. Artist, critics and other participants continued to clarifying performativity of words and is spectator essential for performance or not without noticing sound of scissors. Once someone gave negative response to it. When it was impossible to continue with scissors guy asked if I have haircutting machine and I had it. After this audience became nervous, one girl angry changed her place and organizers warned that a dog called Duchamp presented on the discussion could become aggressive. The guy decided not finish his work

Afterwards one of artist participant of the discussion came to me and asked to cut his hair.

Photo by Kostiantyn Strilets