Uncle Rinat

In the gypsy district
cops made a raid,
there are cheapest bitches
on the Donetsk train station.

Rastamen from Petrovka
days and nights are doing their business
Vietnamese with their flip-flops
only make deeper financial crisis

Euro 2012
is a chance for gay people
to stick while other nations
drunk assholes are sightseeing

All sexual contacts and marriages
that have or might happen
are based on online dating
we forget how to do it in real

Marginals of political parties,
small and medium entrepreneurs,
marshrutka's drivers with thieves' music and cakes
and even local malware.

Ass of whatever here exists
is stroked by our bro and comrade,
everything happens in Donetsk
is controlled and fucked by uncle Rinat

Each kiosk and (though someone dislikes)
each entrance and one armed bandit
is a part of his body,
is a part of uncle Rinat

Author: Oleksandr Demchenko