Me and Mariupol

Documentary, 10 min., 2017

The second prize on the festival "Young Ukrainian Artists" 2017; DocuBaku 2018; Cottbus Film Festival 2017; CANactions 2017; 86 IFFU 2017. In the collection of Ludwig Museum, Budapest.


Mariupol is an industrial city on Azov sea. I went there as a young sailor 20 years ago. The places alive in my memory are mostly destroyed. The battle-line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is just nearby the city. In the night I can hear the bombing. However, I am looking the miracle there.


Director and cameraman: Piotr Armianovski

Producer: Nadia Parfan

Creative guidence: Chad Gracia

Sound editor: Andriy Borysenko

Gratitudes: Art platform "TIU!"

May 2017