People’s Museum of Avdiivka

Documentary, 6 min., 2018

Main prize in non-feature section on the festival "Open night" (Ukraine) 2018, IFFU 86 "MyStreetFilms" 2018, The Santa Fe Film Festival 2019, Kyiv International Short Film Festival 2019


There is a people's museum in Eastern Ukrainian city Avdiivka. Its father is a coal-factory, its brother is an alcoholic. The museum likes fresh air and brings people together. It dreamed to prevent a war over the whole world, but couldn't save even the closest ones. However, people of Avdiivka make museum again – a place where the strangest ideas come to life.


Director and cameraman: Piotr Armianovski

Producer: Nadia Parfan

Creative guidance: Chad Gracia

Sound editor: Kyrylo Tomashevsky

Archival footage: Avdiivka Youth Amatour Documentary Studio (АСЮТ Фильм)

Gratitudes: People's museum of Avdiivka

May 2018